NGPT Membership

$97/month (one person/6 month contract) $147/month (one person/no contract) $147/month (couple/6 month contract) $197/month (couple/no contract) 12noon special membership option Weekend special membership option


Unlimited Classes

You have unlimited access to all of our group fitness classes on our schedule. You are NOT locked into specific days/times.


Open Gym Access

Our gym is your gym. Come in during Open Gym time slots and use our facility as you please!


Quarterly accountability

Members get 7 days of daily accountability coaching each quarter so that you always have that extra level of support!

Important Membership Details


  1. If you have Flex or Group Fit credit that you would like to apply to your membership just email [email protected] before purchasing your membership. 
  2. Get even more details HERE.

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