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This 8-week Bootcamp launches on 4/9/18

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The Keto Done Right Nutrition Plan

This is our brand new four phase program that will help you get into ketosis, become fat adapted, and then unlock your true fat burning potential.

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

This is an all you can eat buffet of FITNESS! You can attend any and all of our group fitness classes with this bootcamp program. (Please note that you will be charged for classes that you late cancel or "no show").

Daily Accountability Coaching

Your coach will be there to support you daily. They have been there....literally.....all of our coaches started out as clients and they know EXACTLY what you are going through!

"Down 10 lbs and 1 inch off waist in first two weeks."

Sandy C.
Member of our Keto Done Right test group

" Down 9 pounds in 2 weeks already. 2 inches off my post holiday belly. Looking forward to the next two weeks! (Oh, and an inch of my chest and a half inch off my thigh.) "

Cheryl T.
Member of our Keto Done Right test group

"I can report that in 16 days, I’ve lost 9.5 pounds and 5 inches!"

Jason E.
Member of our Keto Done Right test group

"I can say for probably the first time ever I am feeling the sugar craving disappear. I even tried to take a drink of Diet Coke and disliked the taste. Oh, and I’ve lost 6 pounds "

Julie S.
Member of our Keto Done Right test group

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Our Meltdown Bootcamp program has produced over 35,000 LBS of results for our local clients since 2009 and now we are on a Million Pound Mission!

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The Meltdown Keto Bootcamp launches on 4/9/18

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