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The Meltdown Bootcamp

This is the program that has produced over 35,000 LBS of amazing results for our Bloomington clients! This program includes group fitness classes, our Meltdown Diet, and daily accountability coaching.

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Personal Training

Are you ready to do some fine tuning with your transformation? Or maybe you just need a little extra help with getting started? Our PT program is going to be different than any other personal training experience that you've ever had and you can...EXPECT RESULTS!

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Group Fitness

We've got a TON of variety for you with our 100% unique classes that you won't find anywhere else with options like Cycle60, The Fitness Tornado, and Ring of Fire. New to group fitness? No problem! We have options for all levels. 

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Platinum Membership

Ready to go all out with UNLIMITED group fitness classes and get the best prices on EVERYTHING we offer? Go Platinum!.....You won't regret it!

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